Mobile App Development 

Over the past few years I have worked on consumer mobile apps such as House Safari featured on this page and available on the App Store. As well I have built internal iOS App solutions for companies under Apple's Enterprise Developer program. 

For iOS app development, I work with Objective-C/Swift programming languages. Projects have included technology for: Wearables, Git, Tests, Core Motion, Core Location, Maps, Push & Local Notifications, Core Data, Parse, Storyboard Layout, Networking, Plivo and Twilio Cloud Communications for messaging, tests, Voice input, Analytics and more recently Python for AI and Machine Learning.

For cross platform app development including Android, I have worked with Unity for various game projects that I have co-developed with my design partner. 

Even in a cloud first world, a mobile app is integral to view, add, edit or record information, manage logins and settings for cloud based apps or server based solutions.  Mobile Apps will continue to be the way we interact with smart devices and server based technologies. 


Feature App 

"House Safari is an AR driven app to empower your house hunting experience. "



Cross Platform Unity Games:

Slide  - Mission Disarm - Big Top Ballet