John Borchert, Software Engineer

Programming since I was 19,  my career spans the beginnings of the Internet to the latest in mobile apps, games and cloud technology. With a background in Rails and database technologies, since 2009 I have focused my expertise on native Objective-C / Swift for iOS applications (iPhone and iPad devices ), C# for Unity 3D cross platform game development and more recently Python for AI development.

Originally from Vancouver, I make my home in Whistler, British Columbia with my illustrator/ game designer wife, Elizabeth and our daughter, Sara. From the period of 2009 to 2015 and under the trade name of Vectorbloom,  we designed and built a series of in-house as well as client app projects and games. After developing a cross platform game built with Unity 3D, we founded a separate company, Big Top Ballet Inc. where I operate as CTO and Unity 3D developer.

Effective February 2016, I've been consulting to clients under John Borchert Ltd.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with Objective-C/Swift, Wearables, Git, Tests, Core Motion, Core Location, Maps, Push & Local Notifications, Core Data, Parse, Storyboard Layout, Networking, Plivo and Twilio Cloud Communications for messaging, tests, Analytics and Python for AI and Machine Learning.

Some side projects have included Unity 3D development with C# and working on VR enabled games under the titles of Slide and Mission Disarm.

I continue to expand my expertise as a full stack developer with projects that harness the latest in AI and Machine Learning.

When I’m not programming, there's a good chance I’m either playing tennis or skiing.